Be Our Supporters

Our SupportersIf you have helped promote Aldersgate SG 2018 at your website1 or in your church bulletin, please let us know!

We want to acknowledge your support and add your church logo to Our Supporters list.

Simply email us one of the following items, along with your hi-res church logo2, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

  • Link (URL) of the Aldersgate SG 2018 publicity page at your church's website or where the web banner is displayed
  • PDF or a scanned copy of your church's bulletin with the Aldersgate SG 2018 promo

Thank you for your support and see you at Aldersgate SG 2018!

1 When using web banner to promote event at your church's website, please ensure it is displayed until 24 May 2018 before removing it

2 Church logo image should include the name of the church and be of a size with at least 200 pixels in height, preferably of transparent background (where applicable)