What can I expect for each event?

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Aldersgate Celebration on 25 May draws us to worship God together as a Methodist family. The Aldersgate Lectures on 23 and 24 May will focus on Wesleyan Missions: Retrospect and Prospects, while the sermon on 25 May will focus on Missing in Mission. Please check out the ‘Programme’ for more information.

General notes:

  • More than 1,000 attendees are expected, so register in advance and arrive early to submit your emailed registration slip for ease of entry – walk-in attendees will need to register on the spot;
  • Pre-registered attendees are requested to arrive at least 30 mins before each event;
  • Cry-room facilities are available, though limited to 1 accompanying parent per child;
  • Mandarin translation is provided for the sermons on 23, 24 and 25 May via headsets;
  • After-service dinner is provided on 25 May, and after-lecture supper on 23 and 24 May