What’s It Like

The event brought the whole Methodist community to come together, and worship and thank God for His goodness and grace to us—Methodists in Singapore. The message strong families is so crucial in the context of the many broken families around us and the institution of marriage being threatened.

As a first-time attendee, I praise God for the fact that despite coming from different churches, we are able to gather this evening to pray and worship in unity. It is indeed a blessing to see members of all three Annual Conferences in the same hall, singing the same songs of worship, and showing the true meaning of being in the Body of Christ. The entire service left me feeling blessed and on fire at the same time – it was an experience that will not be easily forgotten.

This year's Aldersgate Convention was a timely reminder of the crucial role that many of us Methodists play outside Sundays. Bishop Dr Wee’s message on the Biblical perspective on why our work matters, highlighted why what we do on Mondays to Fridays is also our calling and ministry too. I particularly enjoyed the interactive panel discussions on both evenings. There was concerted effort to engage the audience as the panellists gave well-balanced answers, sharing their personal insights and experiences. The variety of the panellists also provided a range of perspectives, to add diversity.

This is my first time attending the Aldersgate event and I found the session very meaningful and relevant to me. I gained a new perspective of work, especially on the motivation behind delivering high-quality work, and started to reflect on the role of religion in the marketplace. I enjoyed the 2-day convention and hope to explore more of similar events in the future.

The Aldersgate Conference is a special occasion where Methodists from the three annual conferences come together to worship God and remember His work through the Methodist movement. As we sang our hearts out to God and prayed in unison, such unity left a deep impression in me. Bishop’s sermon was a timely reminder for us as a people called Methodists not to dwell just on past spiritual experience. As emphasised by John Wesley, we need to grow in holiness through doing good at home, community and marketplace – impacting lives as they too experience God's grace

I personally am very encouraged by how the church is recognising the need to equip her people for the marketplace, not merely in the sense of ‘What is the Christian thing to do?’, but in laying the Biblical foundation for our work – all work – that would result in shifts in mindsets and attitudes towards our lives. I found the Wesleyan perspective that Bishop gave very refreshing and insightful. There were things about the Methodist faith and John Wesley’s teaching I’ve not heard preached before, so it has really given me a lot to chew upon for the next few days!